What are the Top Interior Design Trends for Middle East in 2017?

Posted on by Global Views

If you are looking for interior design trends that lend your house a fresh look in tune with the latest styles, you are at the right place. We have selected the most interesting and talked about interior design trends in 2017. Below we explain how you can incorporate these trends into your home with Global Views products.

Colors Galore

This year the design jury is split between vibrant colors, earthy tones and the everlasting dark tones for that luxurious look. Pantone announced the color of this year as ‘Greenery’, and this is reflected in many of the color trends. Earthy colors and soft pastels create a calming atmosphere, while vibrant colors are mostly used as accents and statement walls.

The rich colors are mostly used for textiles, while soft pastels frame the rooms, providing a minimalist feel. Teal, terracotta, sand, ochre, cinnamon, rust, olive green, dusty pink, are some of the calmer colors for this year, while navy blue is still very popular. Global Views offers a range of products that reflect these trends. From bright vases to exquisite rugs, our products come together to make the statement you want for your space.

Elements and Accessories

When it comes to the elements and accessories, it is all about creating a space with a story. The main trends are using sustainable and hand crafted design. There is a lot of talk over light fixtures and art decoration. The search for uniquely crafted and fun quirky pieces is always on. However, one of the biggest focus this year is on artisanal accessories.

Design enthusiasts are on the lookout for unique pieces that are of high quality too. If finding a local designer proves to be a bit of a challenge, you can always try companies that have already adopted designer products in their catalogues, like we have, here at Global Views.

Global Views Riyadh showroom hosts art pieces by multiple internationally renowned designers who are masters at weaving a narrative with their work. Some of the designers who partner with Global Views are Julia Buckingham, Roger Thomas, Barbara Barry, and Michael CF Chan.       


This year we see a return of the floral motifs and organic patterns. There is a lot of talk about the mix of brass and marble, and just generally a mix of textures within a room. It is usually a combination of something natural that blends in. On the other hand it could be something modern and glamorous too.

2017 will be a year for reconnecting with nature, therefore natural materials are preferred and plants are becoming a must have for spaces. You can pair interesting vases with long stemmed flowers and voila you have an upgraded room. Check out some of the beautiful textured products on offer at Global Views.


When it comes to print, everything tropical related is very fashionable this year. Geometric patterns still reign supreme, lending symmetry to your space. Natural fabrics such as vintage leather, organic linen, velvets and plush are the main trends this year.

All in all, we can say that this year is all about creating a natural anchored interior, with  unique accents and elements. It’s about getting back in touch with nature through colors and textures. If you are looking for more inspiration to give your home a dream makeover, don’t hesitate to visit our Riyadh showroom or check out our online catalogues from the comfort of your home. The icing on the design cake? You can now schedule an appointment with our interior designer to avail design consultation services for your home or office.