Global Views Showcases Pantone Color of the Year

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Global Views Showcases Pantone Color of the Year

Each year brings exciting change, new designs and bright new ideas. It also brings with it a refreshing color that can be celebrated and 2017 heralds the arrival of the Pantone color of the year – Greenery. Greenery can be best described as a lively color, a vibrant mix of zesty yellow and sprightly green. It represents energy and innovation, revival and resurgence.

An increasing discontent with urban life has resulted in an upsurge in the need for nurture and nature. People tire of the daily grind, the gray buildings associated with work, and the choked roads. They crave and yearn instead for green space, freshness and clean air. 

Here at Global Views we have embraced Greenery in all its regalia. Adding greenery to your interior is tantamount to adding a breath of fresh air and a refreshing pop of color. Why not bring nature indoors and check out our fantastic range of items that are colored in this beautiful hue?

You can find below the top five products in green that Global Views has to offer.

1. The hand-made Crackled Vase. Its exterior application creates a unique croc-like finish. Perfect sitting on your shelf or as a lovely vase for fresh blooms.

2. The striking Ombre Ball Vase. Its vivid shade will light up your room and looks stunning left empty or used to display even the tiniest floral arrangement. Buy Now

3. The greenery just keeps on coming, with the exquisite Ice Vase. This would really add a touch of panache to your home and is right on-trend. Buy Now

4. For something distinctive it’s hard to beat the Dot Dash Vase. These classic Mid-Century inspired ceramics are formed in a mold with hand applied diamond and circular elements. They are finished in a citron reactive glaze and would be a lovely addition to a stylish home. Buy Now

5.Finally, we are proud to present the Barrel Cactus, handmade using mottled green glass. This salient piece is carefully crafted with wire details to mimic the spikes found on a cactus and is embellished with an orange glass flower. Presented on its own or with the accompanying designs, the figure helps cultivate a chic desert style. Buy Now

 At Global Views we take pride in our range of exclusive home accessories and accent pieces. Along with our wonderful items in the vibrant color of the year, Greenery, we also stock a whole host of unique and attractive pieces. We invite you to come and explore. Let us help you to enrich your home and complement your individualistic style.